Maths specialist committed to student well-being

I have a first in maths from Oxford (MMath) and integrate this into a holistic approach to learning and well-being.

I find that it is very important to create an environment in which the student is comfortable expressing themselves freely and enjoying their learning. This creates a solid platform for a deeper and more creative approach to the subject and learning generally. Above all, it is beneficial to adapt to the needs of each individual student to help them reach their particular goals, both subject-related and in other ways, such as confidence or anything else that they may be.

Current and former maths students range from Year 1 up to university level and I also have a broad range of general experience: I have tutored and taught in various settings in the UK, Nepal and Spain (in mainstream schools and as a teaching assistant in various types of special schools; as a rowing coach; and as an English as a Foreign Language teacher). I have also done a broad selection of other work, including as a lawyer at a leading city law firm and researcher on business ethics.

I enjoy teaching students at a range of abilities, from those struggling with number bonds and times tables at primary level, to those taking GCSE and A level. I am also well-placed to help adult-learners with maths aptitude tests. I have extensive experience in teaching primary maths and this experience working towards understanding and intuition for the fundamentals of maths also means that I am able to ensure that students at later levels have solid mathematical foundations in place.

In my teaching I emphasise general approaches such as developing pattern spotting; how best to interpret, understand and solve worded questions; how working can be used to best effect and other such techniques.

The areas of maths that I particularly specialise in include:

– all forms of confidence boosting in maths

– all primary level maths

– GCSE and Additional Mathematics (GCSE)

– A level

– aptitude tests such as GMAT

– maths competitions: Primary Junior Intermediate Senior Maths Challenge and Olympiad

– Eton King’s Scholarship, Westminster Challenge and other 13+ scholarship exams

– 16+ entrance exams

Please get in touch to discuss what it is that you are looking for and how I can help.